Our Mission

Above: LARTL Press Release from 1973 Condeming Roe v. Wade (Click to Read)


Louisiana Right to Life (LARTL), established in 1970, works through education, legislation, activism, and service to restore the right to life in Louisiana by opposing abortion, euthanasia, and other life destroying actions.

As the state’s pro-life resource, LARTL builds and serves local Right to Life Chapters throughout the state. These chapters, along with other affiliates, are ready to answer local, statewide, and national issues effectively.

Along with its chapters, LARTL strives to educate all people in the truth about abortion and other life issues. We encourage the work of pregnancy care centers that offer real alternatives to abortion.

LARTL promotes pro-life legislation at the state and federal level and informs Louisiana residents on how their representatives stand for life.

LARTL is the official affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee and subscribes to its objectives and legislative strategies. We believe in peaceful solutions to the issues at hand.

We are proud to boast of our state’s commitment to life. However, we know there is much more to be done.

Louisiana Right to Life will be lighting the way for a pro-life Louisiana for generations to come.

Please note: Louisiana Right to Life is a nonsectarian organization not affiliated with or restricted to a particular religious group.


In its logo, Louisiana Right to Life has captured its role in “lighting the way for a pro-life Louisiana.” The flame, a well-known symbol of life, is identified widely as the logo of National Right to Life, linking Louisiana with the rest of the United States pro-life movement. The blue color indicates the peaceful, while the orange flame depicts the need to continually spread the message of life throughout the great state of Louisiana.