Our Stances

The following statements are the official issue statements of the Louisiana Right To Life Federation as adopted at the March 1985 and 2002 meeting of the State Board. These statements were made because Chapters of the Federation expressed interest as to the proper position they should take on these issues when approached by their members or the news media. It should be understood that these brief digests cannot possibly cover all aspects of the complex questions involved but are meant as a quick overview of our position as a group. If you have questions about these statements or would like the Federation to take a stand on some other issue, have your official representative on the State Board request that the President put it on the agenda for the next meeting or email [email protected]


Induced abortion is the inexcusable taking of innocent human life. LARTL believes that it is a fundamental obligation of government and civil society to protect all innocent human life and calls upon the State of Louisiana and the United States to take all legal steps to protect unborn human beings at every stage of their biological development.


Louisiana RTL Federation considers adoption to be a life giving alternative to abortion and supports the concept of adoption and advocates the improvement of adoption services. We believe that both private placement and agency adoption are acceptable and valuable, but it recognizes that there can be shortcomings with each and that there is a need for adequate regulation and oversight by social agencies and government authorities.

Louisiana RTL Federation opposes the so-called open records legislation and proposals which would permit adoptees to learn the identities of their natural parents and/or permit natural parents to learn the identity of their children placed for adoption.

Louisiana RTL Federation supports a voluntary registry whereby adopters, natural parents, and adopted parents voluntarily enroll in the program in which they indicate their willingness and their desires to be matched. The Federation opposes any open records program which calls for one party to the adoptive triangle to be sought out and presented with the question of whether they would like a match with the natural parent or with the adopted child.


Louisiana Right To Life Federation takes no position on the question of capital punishment. Many of its members oppose capital punishment, many favor it under certain circumstances. The Federation as such takes no formal position, but it recognizes that the issues presented regarding capital punishment are substantially different from the issue of abortion. Capital punishment properly considered is a form of collective self-defense and a form of deterrent; by definition, it does not involve the taking of an innocent human life.


The Louisiana RTL Federation insists on a proper distinction between contraception and the abortion. By contraception is meant the use of a drug, procedure, technique or a device to prevent the union of ovum and sperm, I.E. to prevent conception. By abortion is meant anything done to cause the death or destruction of the ovum once it is fertilized. Louisiana RTL Federation believes that the question of contraception presents important personal moral questions, as to which Louisiana RTL Federation takes no position. The Federation opposes, however, abortion in all its forms. In this connection, because it appears that the overwhelming scientific evidence is that the intrauterine device acts as an abortifacient and not as a contraceptive, Louisiana Right To Life Federation opposes the IUD as an abortifacient.


Louisiana RTL Federation opposes euthanasia or mercy killing. The Federation believes that just as no one has the right to commit suicide, nor does one person have the right to take the life of another even for aso called or supposed intention to do it for his own good or for purposes of mercy. Louisiana RTL Federation accepts, however, that it is not necessary that extraordinary means be employed or continued for the futile prolongation of human life, or expressed differently, extraordinary means need not be employed to extend and protract the process of death.


Louisiana RTL has adopted the following Resolution on Human Cloning passed by the National Right To Life Committee Board of Directors on April 29 th 2001.

Resolution on Human Cloning

Therefore be it resolved:

Passed by the National Right to Life Committee Board of Directors unanimously, April 29, 2001.
Adopted by the Louisiana Right to Life Federation in 2001 by the State Board.


Louisiana RTL Federation greatly admires the work done by the March of Dimes over the years to combat birth defects. It opposes, however, the March of Dimes’ program and approach in recent years which can have no other effect except to encourage abortion. Particularly, Louisiana RTL Federation objects strongly to the March of Dimes’ program of recommending amniocentesis with the at least implicit recommendation that if the amniocentesis test reveals the likelihood of a birth defect that the woman will have or will at least seriously consider having an abortion. Our Federation objects strongly to the March of Dimes because in recent years it has encouraged and promoted amniocentesis as a prelude to abortion.