Get Involved

Ways to Get your Group or Church Involved

40 Days for Life is an incredible opportunity to unite members of your church or group in prayer and action. Through this campaign we are called to leave our comfort zones to respond to the reality of abortion in our community. The information below can be helpful to a coordinator or to a participant.

Coordinator: Every group/church that wants to participate needs one or more coordinators to connect its members with the campaign, and to communicate important information to participants. If you are a coordinator keep in mind that we are counting on you to communicate this information to your members. This ensures that their participation is the most fruitful, effective, and rewarding that it can be.

Individual: If you are an individual there are many ways you can participate. You can make a prayer and fasting commitment, join in the vigil as often as you like, and join in the outreach events. If you are part of a church or group that is not involved, you can become the coordinator. You can also become part of the team. We contact groups and churches, organize the events, do education and outreach, etc. All of these are amazing opportunities to make a meaningful impact in our community.

For more detailed information for getting a group involved or becoming involved yourself, check out the Getting Involveddocument on our PDF resources page and/or contact us by email at or call the New Orleans Right to Life at the campaign office (504.835.6520). Ask to be added to the email updates to stay informed on the campaign and to learn about other activities that will help you make a maximum impact in your community.

The Three Facets of 40DFL

Prayer & Fasting to End Abortion:

Peaceful & Compassionate Presence: