2016-2019 100% Life Advocates

The 2016-2019 Louisiana Legislative Term was complete with historic pro-life success at the Louisiana Legislature as Louisiana Right to Life worked to defend life by passing pro-life legislation and stopping anti-life legislation and amendments.  As shown by our 2016-2019 Scorecards, numerous pro-life laws were passed, making Louisiana one of the most pro-life states in the nation.

See the 2016-2019 House of Representatives Legislative Scorecard
See the 2016-2019 Senate Legislative Scorecard

During a four-year legislative term, we identify all those legislators with a 100% voting record as a 100% Life Advocate.  Please find below those 100% Life Advocate Louisiana Senators and Representatives who scored a 100% pro-life voting record with Louisiana Right to Life during the 2016-2019 Legislative Term.  For their vote, we awarded them with our “2016-2019 100% Pro-Life Record” seal.

* Please note that legislators who were absent from scored votes 40% of the time or more are not awarded a 100% record.

View the List of 100% Lifetime Pro-Life Legislators

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