New Orleans Student Education with Youth Dir!

This past Saturday, November 19th, Louisiana Right to Life hosted 15 pro-life advocates to learn pro-life apologetics, hear local testimonies, and grow together as pro-life leaders at the New Orleans PULSE Immersion. 

At PULSE, students developed conversation skills to communicate the pro-lfie message in a compassionate and effective manner. In small groups, students practiced having conversations that focused on respecting the human dignity of the people they speak to while communicating science and facts. After persuasion, students felt more prepared to go back into their schools and communities and spread the pro-life message to their peers. 

After learning some of the negative effects of abortion and engaging in pro-life conversations, students watched the adoption documentary, I Lived on Parker Avenue, and heard from documentary subject, David Scotton, on his experience with the beauty of adoption. Small groups gathered to discuss engaging in activism and service within their specific schools and churches. They then heard from Allison Millet with Woman’s New Life Clinic on the variety of pregnancy resources and healthcare available to women and men in the New Orleans area.

Students rounded out their evening with Bobbie Jones’ inspiring testimony about healing from her own abortion, spending years advocating for life, adopting her daughter from Foster Care, and helping people who are struggling after their own abortions. After hearing from such a powerful pro-life activist, students shared their own testimonies about why they’re pro-life and how they’re going to continue standing for life at our closing commision ceremony.

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