the Pro-Life Summit 2023 Speakers & Sessions



Doors will open for the Pastoral Love Life Breakfast at 7:30AM and the program will begin at 8AM

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9AM Registration and Exhibition Area will be open, and the Conference Session are will be open by 9:30AM for Music, Prayer, and Welcome.


10:15AM MAIN Session 1 – The Mail-Order Abortion Pill Crisis

Caitlin Connors, Southern Regional Director of Susan B. Anthony List (SBA), and Angie Thomas, staff attorney and spokeswoman for the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA), will review what has been happening federally and locally about the dangerous mail-order chemical abortion pill, how legislation and grassroots have been working to counteract it, and what to expect next. Information on Caitlin and Susan B. Anthony list, a national pro-life policy think tank, can be found at Information on Angie and NIFLA, a legal counsel organization, can be found at 

 11:15AM Lunch Open & Baby Supply Giveaway to local moms in need

12:15PM Lunch Close


12:30PM Breakout Session Section 1

Breakout Option: Louisiana Pro-Life Law, Addressing Healthcare Misconceptions

Dr. Evelyn Griffin MD, OB/GYN of 15 years, will break down the false information fueled by the media claiming that Louisiana’s pro-life law inhibits necessary women’s healthcare such as miscarriage management, treatment for ectopic pregnancy, and care in life-threatening circumstances. Dr. Griffin has testified before Louisiana legislative committee, in opposition to the pro-abortion bills trying to change the language, on this issue and participated in a clarifying video project across social media, found at

Breakout Option: The Now Generation: Youth Leadership

Jacob Tonglet, Acadiana Youth Director, and Abby Rose Bradshaw, Cenla Youth Director, will reveal their experience working with youth across Louisiana since Roe v. Wade’s overturn and convey the importance of empowering youth as pro-life leaders and the steps to do so.

Breakout Option: Envisioning a Culture of Life for Women

Allison Daigle, CEO of Woman’s New Life Clinic, will share her experience, her work, and her vision of changing the culture for encountering the abortion-vulnerable woman. She will share her perspective on receiving women in her pro-life mission, particularly as she has worked directly, physically next to abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood. She will touch on the importance of fertility education, an empowering tool for women and young girls that can uproot much of the culture’s abortive mentality.


1:20PM MAIN Session 2 – The Question of Abortion in the Case of Rape and “Incompatible with Life” Prenatal Diagnosis

Hear from incredibly brave and vulnerable people who have spoken out about these issues at the Louisiana Capitol and across the country. Listen to their personal experiences of having been pregnant by rape, conceived in rape, and heard the heartbreaking news of receiving an “incompatible with life” diagnosis. Learn from the discussion about why abortion is not a justified or compassionate solution in these cases, and how you can help change hearts and minds on these topics. 

Including –

Heather Hobbs

Dustin Bertrand


2:30PM Breakout Session Section 2

Breakout Option: 3 Creative Avenues to Help Moms

We are excited to showcase 3 creative avenues to help moms! You will hear individually from three speakers about the work that you can also be involved in and bring back to your community: 


Breakout Option: Speaking LIFE into Conversations

Ashley Gilliam, Southeast Youth programs Director, and Trinity Wicker, Youth Director for Black Advocates for Life and in Baton Rouge, will walk you through how to have productive and compassionate pro-life conversations that uphold human dignity with an appropriate mindset, concrete skills to practice, practical conversation starters, and some biological and philosophical knowledge to take with you!


Breakout Option: Grassroots, Lobbying, and the Law: How to Keep Louisiana Pro-Life 

Louisiana will continue to protect babies from legal abortion if our laws remain pro-life. But this will not happen by accident. It will take painstaking effort on an annual basis to keep our law and culture pro-life. In this session, Ben Clapper, Exec. Director of Louisiana Right to Life, will cover the legal pro-life landscape, what is at stake in upcoming elections, and what we can do in our local communities to help solidify the consistent future for a Pro-Life Louisiana.


3:15PM MAIN Session 3 – Activating Pro-Lifers Across Louisiana & Beyond

This panel of activists will discuss the various forms of pro-life action being accomplished on the local level for moms and babies, and share their visions and encouragement for continuing to fill the gaps of pro-life education and service for the Louisiana public and across the Gulf Coast! 


4:10PM Geaux Forth Closing Inspiration

4:45PM Sessions End, Exhibitors and Visiting time can continue.