Public Information About Dr. Rashonda Dean

Dr. Dean Practicing in Cenla and Opelousas:
Is She Performing Abortions?
Cenla Press Conference Planned October 19

Dr. Rashonda Dean, a resident of Alexandria and known abortion physician, has applied for a state permit to perform abortions at a clinic she is opening in New Orleans East, Deanz Health Care for Women, at 5437 Crowder Blvd.

Based on publicly accessible documents, Louisiana Right to Life estimates that Dr. Dean performed nearly 16,000 abortions in New Orleans and Baton Rouge abortion facilities from 2012-2017.* Now she is trying to open her own abortion facility in New Orleans East. On her website, she states: “It is the mission of this Clinic to deliver the best quality abortion care to the women of our community.”

When the New Orleans facility opens, it will be her third “health care” clinic in Louisiana. Property records and public advertisements also indicate Dr. Dean operates two other Louisiana clinics:

It is important for members of the Central Louisiana and Opelousas communities to know if Dr. Dean is performing abortions at these two locations or plans to do so in the future.

Read this open letter to the Cenla community from Pastor Brian Gunter about this issue and the upcoming event.

Alexandria Press Conference and Rally
Friday Oct. 19 12:30 p.m.
3802 Prescott Road

On Friday, Oct. 19, at 12:30 p.m., a peaceful and respectful prayer rally and press conference will be held at Primary Care Specialists, 3802 Prescott Road, Alexandria, across the street from Dean’s Cenla Total Care. All Cenla residents are encouraged to attend. Dr. Kathy Allen, state director of Louisiana Black Advocates for Life, will be among the speakers.


* Detailed calculations of the abortion numbers available on request to