Louisiana Students for Life

Louisiana Students for Life is a grassroots non-profit corporation that seeks to network, educate, and activate pro-life students on all colleges and universities in the state of Louisiana and the greater Southeast region.

While LSL acknowledges that there are a myriad of justice issues in our society that must be confronted, it also understands that the unborn are the most vulnerable. Thus, LSL concentrates on the protection of the rights of the unborn, the education of those involved in higher education, and the assistance of parents in all pregnancy situations.

The following is a list of colleges and universities in Louisiana with active Students for Life groups:

Through networking, LSL can bring together pro-life students and foster student organizations at every institution of higher education in Louisiana. From there, LSL provides education and training to students so their pro-life organization can be effective and efficient. Then, with the proper tools and resources, students on their own campuses can actively encounter and educate their student body on life issues.

LSL seeks to create generations of college students who are committed to a pro-life Southeast and the rights of all unborn.

Our logo shows the state bird of Louisiana, the brown pelican, protecting a child under its wing. According the medieval legend, the pelican shed its own blood to feed its young. In the Louisiana state flag, this legend is present if one looks closely.

LSL students strive to embody the ideals of this legend as college students sacrificing time and energies to protect the youngest among us.


Pro-Life campus organizations are crucial to¬†saving lives on our college campuses. Louisiana Students for Life provides resources to new groups. Interested? Contact Alex Seghers at [email protected] or email [email protected]

Check out an overview of starting a group at Students for Life of America.