St. Tammany Pro-Life Outreach

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St. Tammany Parish Billboard Campaign:
Help Us Spread the Pro-Life Message!

Will you help us promote life in and around St. Tammany Parish?  Please scroll down to donate to our billboard campaign and help us showcase the beauty of life to those driving around and through the St. Tammany area!

Starting on June 6 2022, Louisiana Right to Life, together with the St Tammany Pro-Life Outreach, will post a 14×48 billboard of the image above facing westbound traffic on I-10 prior to the Twin Span Bridge.  The billboard will remain up through July 3, and then come down until September (due to a prior contract with the billboard company), and then the board will remain up through September of 2023, assuming we have the funds to keep it up!!

Please donate to help keep this billboard up!  If more funds are raised, additional billboards will be put up in St. Tammany parish.

For more information, contact Rose Thibodeaux (504-442-7769) or Anne Fontcuberta (985-502-1343 or

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