Vaccines and Abortion


Read Our Statement on Covid-19 Vaccines & Abortion

An important issue for the protection of human life is ensuring that the remains of unborn human beings unjustly aborted are not used as the raw materials in any scientific research or experiment.

Unfortunately, too often vaccines manufacturers have used cell lines derived from the bodies of aborted babies in either the production of the vaccine, the testing of the vaccine, or both.  

In June 2019 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it would no longer provide funding for research that requires a new abortion to harvest the cells. However, funding of research using the old abortion-derived cell line was allowed to continue. And because of that, we still face the issue of vaccines that have utilized the abortion-derived cell lines from the past. Moving forward, the pro-life movement must fight to keep a Biden Administration from rescinding this order and allowing funding of research using newly aborted babies.  We must also push to expand the HHS rule so that the cell lines derived from past abortions are not used.

Contact your elected officials and request that they pass laws prohibiting the use of abortion-derived cells in scientific research and vaccine development!

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