Middle School

Louisiana Right to Life  is dedicated to empowering students with pro-life: 


Louisiana Right to Life  youth programs team is excited to offer free, interactive, and age-appropriate presentations to youth in schools, churches, small groups, and more! 

Footprints For Life

Footprints for Life is a program designed to build a Culture of Life in Kindergarten – 8th Grade. This program builds on a foundation of love, truth and dignity. The program covers all of the USCCB Culture of Life topics age-appropriately, and incorporates the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy into the study of these issues. It is designed to be easily integrated into an already existing program. For more information on Footprints for Life or starting a pro-life group, visit ChooseTheChild.com.

Club Resources

Louisiana Right to Life Youth Program Team are also available to support students with activism, education, or service projects within their school pro-life organizations.