Why Protect Life?

We Protect Life Because Science is Conclusive on When Life Begins

Louisiana Right to Life works to protect unborn life because we know that life begins at the moment of fertilization and that an unborn child has a heartbeat only 18 days after conception.

The unborn child is arguably the most vulnerable member of our society because he or she cannot speak for themselves. We believe it is our responsibility to be their voice.

Science is conclusive on when life begins, and remarkably we can see for ourselves the development of a baby inside the womb through ultrasound technology. In the womb, unborn babies are known for smiling, sucking their thumb and even hiccuping before making their grand entrance into the world.

We Protect Life Because We Love Women and Children

We also protect life because we know that killing unborn babies in abortion is never a good option for women.
Unfortunately, legalized abortion has led to the abuse of women by the abortion industry and showed us how far they will go to make profit.

From botched abortions that lead to physical complications to post-tramatic stress and years of regret, abortion continues to wound women by destroying their most valuable gift, their own child. You can read about the lucrative abortion industry on our website by visiting this link.

We Protect Life For the Betterment Of Our Society

Regardless of the social situation a woman finds herself in or a baby’s prenatal diagnosis, we believe that every human deserves a lifetime.

Recent proponents of abortion have argued that women should have the right to decide if  babies with a genetic abnormality, such as Down syndrome or Cystic Fibrosis,  get the chance to live.

However, in every situation, we believe that choosing life is a choice that will lead to the betterment of our society. When we kill babies in abortion that some believe are unwanted or imperfect, we take a step toward a dark future where the value of a person’s life is not intrinsic; instead, their value is in what they can or cannot do.