40 Days for Life


Louisiana is proud to be ABORTION-FREE! See our Post-Roe recommendations for your 40 Days for Life campaign!

With abortion-on-demand legal in the United States, we must unite in our local communities, and across the nation, to call for an end to abortion. Stand with us this fall to protect women and unborn children from abortion through inter-denominational prayer, peaceful vigil, and community activism.

You may also find a Sidewalk Pregnancy Resource Brochure tailored to each campaign area.

Some of the blessings that 40 Days for Life has brought internationally:

40 Days for Life: Life-Saving

As for life-saving, take this story from New Orleans. Early one morning, a heroic 40 Days for Life member was present on the sidewalk and had the opportunity to speak with a young woman going into the abortion facility. He gently spoke with her for a few moments about her other options, but she abruptly ended the conversation. After he left the sidewalk and continued on with his day, the woman approached another pro-lifer on the sidewalk and said, “I just wanted to tell you that I am keeping my baby. Please tell the man who spoke to me earlier thank you for his words.”

What a story! Just because this man was there witnessing to life and had the courage to speak with this woman, the life of an unborn child was saved, and the woman was spared years of regret. Though the conversation did not seem successful, the seeds he planted saved a life. Doesn’t sound too complicated, does it?

40 Days for Life: Transformative

Any pro-lifers knows that the first time coming to pray in front of an abortion facility is a powerful experience. One woman in Shreveport who came out for the first time during this campaign described her experience as “transformative”. One church in New Orleans that adopted a whole day at the vigil for the first time also told us the event was eye-opening. Along with many other individuals, churches, and groups, this woman and this church will now be much more involved in protecting life than before! Who knows how many lives will be saved by their witness!