Work Offsite Report


Louisiana Right to Life employees should be working in the location as agreed upon between themselves and their supervisor.  Working from home, or at another offsite location, should only be utilized if necessary and if approved by a supervisor in advance.  If that has been approved, then the following form must be completed at the end of the day to demonstrate the hours worked and a general overview of activities.

As laid out in our EMPLOYMENT AND EMPLOYEE POLICIES manual, all full-time employees are responsible for eight hours of work a day, with an hour included for lunch or personal time.  Please keep in mind that, if during your approved offsite work, you are not able to complete the necessary hours, you must substantiate that those hours are made up on another day, whether in the past or the future.

Sick Time:  Currently, our EMPLOYMENT AND EMPLOYEE POLICIES states the following regarding sick time:

“There is no official sick leave days offered to employees. The employee shall communicate with the Executive Director or his/her designee regarding the need for sick time. It is to be understood that sick time refers to common illness requiring a minimal time away from work.” 

You should communicate directly with your supervisor first when requesting the need for sick time. If the need for sick time extends beyond one or two days, a doctor’s note shall be necessary.

Our organization requests that staff members with contagious illnesses do not work at the office, even if they are able to work.  If they are able to work, please proceed with working offsite (with proper approval) and complete the work offsite report.

Please note that sick time refers to your illness, not an illness of a family member or other person.  If you are granted approval to work offsite due to such a reason, please submit an offsite work report.  If you are not able to work during the period, then the time must either be vacation time or time to be made up in future, as substantiated to your supervisor.

Working Offsite Report

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If the employee did not work a full complement of hours for this day, please indicate how those hours have or will be accounted for.