2024 Legislative Session

The 2024 Session of the Louisiana Legislature was filled with great victories! We are proud to report a 100% success rate, defeating every attempt to weaken our pro-life laws and passing every bill that was a part of our pro-mom and pro-baby legislative package. We are proud of the important work accomplished and thankful for every pro-life citizen who took their time to contact their legislator to support our legislative priorities.

Below is a list of key legislation we supported, opposed, or were just monitoring.

Pro-Life Legislation We Led & Supported

👍 Louisiana Pregnancy and Baby Care Initiative Act

SB 278 by Senator Katrina Jackson and Representative Jack McFarland establishes a new social services program to support women facing unplanned pregnancies and to offer a full range of services, including pregnancy support services, parenting help, and adoption assistance through entities such as pregnancy resources centers.
Status: SIGNED by Governor Jeff Landry!


👍 Abortion By Fraud Criminalization Act

Senator Pressly was inspired to take action and introduce SB 276, the Abortion By Fraud Criminalization Act, after his sister was the victim of a terrible crime when she was poisoned with an abortion pill. The bill will help accomplish two important goals:

First, the law creates a new crime to hold accountable those who attempt to poison a pregnant woman against her will with an abortion-inducing drug.

Second, the law takes steps to stop these pills from getting into the hands of predators and minors by making the abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol controlled substances.SB 276 by Senator Thomas Pressly creates a new crime to hold accountable those individuals that attempt to poison a pregnant woman against their will with an abortion-inducing drug. In addition, adds the crime of an abortion-inducing drug to the list of racketeering crimes.

Visit our Page and Report Dedicated to SB 276

Status: SIGNED by Governor Jeff Landry!


👍 Compatible with Love Empowerment Act

SB 325 by Senator Rick Edmonds updates existing law to ensure that those individuals facing the tragic news that their unborn child has a fetal genetic anomaly receive information that can assist them in caring for their child both before and after birth.
Status: SIGNED by Governor Jeff Landry!


👍  Adoption Awareness Act

SB 312 by Senator Rick Edmonds creates a new program that promotes to Louisiana citizens the benefits of choosing infant adoption for birth-mothers, babies, and adoptive for an unborn child.
Status: SIGNED by Governor Jeff Landry!



👍  Safe Haven Baby Box Expansion Act

HB 891 (Rep. Chenevert) and SB 92 (Sen. Bass) allows for the installment of Safe Haven Baby Boxes in 24/7 fire stations and other similar facilities in addition to hospitals. The Safe Haven Baby Boxes are a last resort option for a mother to place her baby safely for adoption.
Status: SIGNED by Governor Jeff Landry!


Legislation We Defeated










🛑 HB 293 by Rep. Freeman: Would have weakened pro-life law by changing category of legal intent

🛑 HB 164 by Rep. Boyd: Would have legalized abortion in cases of rape & incest without police report

🛑 HB 63 and 56 by Rep. Newell: Would have unnecessarily modified portions of abortion law

🛑 HB 245 by Rep. Freeman (Abortion-Until-Birth Act) A radical pro-abortion constitutional amendment that would have legalized abortion and required tax-payer funding of abortion


Maternal & Infant Mortality Bills We Supported

👍 SB 190 by Sen. Boudreaux – Medicaid reimbursement rates for OBGYNS, etc…

👍 SB 135 by Sen Duplessis – Ensures Medicaid existing 12-month postpartum care.

👍 SB 142 by Sen. Barrow – Doula Services in Medicaid.


Bills We Monitored

HB 833 on In Vitro Fertilization: We were concerned that the original bill would weaken protections for human embryos. But, since it was amended, we believed those concerns had been addressed. In the end, the author of the bill chose not to move forward with the legislation because we were able to keep pro-life protections in the bill.