Respect Life Month

Resources for Your Church!

In conjunction with the United States of Catholic Bishops’ Respect Life Month theme “Radical Solidarity“, we have Louisiana-oriented resources for your church to promote help for pregnant and parenting moms and be reminded of the beauty and truth of human life in the womb!

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The majority of these resources promote the website, a website featuring a zip code search that can help someone find their local pregnancy center, adoption agency, and other necessary private or public social service in Louisiana. Banners with a QR code, posters, flyers, stickers, wallet-sized resource cards, and detailed brochures help this resource to reach far and wide.

A major crisis happening in Louisiana right now is the illegal mail-order abortion pill being promoted thoroughly by pro-abortion activists in our state to girls in their first trimester. These pills are incredibly dangerous for women, and these pills tragically end the life of a precious human being. We can begin to counter this crisis in our own communities by vigorously promoting help for moms as well as displaying the early developed baby in the womb – banners and posters below walk through development within the first 10 weeks of life and have a QR code to a beautiful video.

If your church is in need of a more thorough guide on learning about the abortion pill, 40 Days for Life has this excellent brochure that we recommend in addition to our and the USCCB resources.

Any of the resources below can also be sent to you in digital image form to use in your e-newsletters or printed bulletins!

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Respect Life Month 4×6 ft. Banners

Great for your fences or columns or inside spaces to be seen by the congregation and/or the public! (Rigging not included)

  1. The FindHelpLa Banner: this banner propels the mission to Respect Life for mom and baby and has a QR code to the resource.
  2. The 8 Week Unborn Baby Banner: this banner is an actual picture of a baby at 8 weeks gestation and has a QR code to a beautiful video on fetal development

Respect Life Month Flyers & Posters

These can be ordered in sized 8.5×11 inches and 12×18 inches

  1. The Respect Life Month flyer: this flyer helps your community reflect on the ways they can be advancing the pro-life cause in their church!
  2. The First 10 Weeks flyer: this flyer walks through the incredible amount of fetal development within the first 10 weeks of life!
  3. The Green FindHelpLa flyer: this flyer lists the resources that has to offer
  4. The Yellow FindHelpLa flyer: this flyer gives another perspective of encouragement to visit the FindHelpLa website

Respect Life Month Handouts

  1. 1.5×1.5 sticker featuring a comforting message toward the FindHelpLa website. Good for laptops, water bottles, and other strategic public places!
  2. Wallet-sized resource cards that list the FindHelpLa resources and have information for the emergency abortion pill reversal, as well as post-abortion healing and recovery. Easy to keep on hand for someone in need or drop throughout your community!
  3. FindHelpLa trifold brochure: helpful to have on hand if someone you know is abortion-minded, filled with encouragement, emergency health and safety resources, and information on abortion, fetal development, adoption, and parenting.

Social media images, available for immediate download!

Respect Life 4x6 banners (Instagram Post (Square)) sticker

Video Testimonials

Beautiful pro-life videos available on YouTube or download, on fetal development, testimonial of a mom who chose life and adoption, an OBGYN who clears the misinformation about pro-life laws, and two stories from individuals who were conceived in rape. Please feel free to use on your social media, e-newsletters, and other digital avenues!

Event & Program Recommendations

  1. Start or Join a Life Chain near you! This simple event helps to peacefully spread pro-life messages all throughout our state in order to keep Louisiana pro-life! More information here!
  2. Host a pro-life educational event with one of our speakers!
  3. Start a program at your church that tangibly walks with moms in need!
  4. Encourage the youth group to grow in pro-life leadership and attend a pro-life PULSE youth retreat!

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