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** From Our Executive Director **

Dear Pro-Life Friend,

We will never back down in defense of life!

I recently spoke at the Baton Rouge Press Club when a reporter asked me if Louisiana Right to Life had plans to compromise on our pro-life laws.

My response? NEVER!

Every baby deserves the protection of the law.

As of Christmas Day, our estimates show that 3,392 babies have been legally protected from abortion in Louisiana since Roe v. Wade was overturned. Talk about something to be thankful for!

But we know our work is not done.

It only takes one legislative session for our laws to change and allow more abortions.

It only takes one generation for our culture to change to support more abortion.

Already, one pro-abortion state legislator has announced her plans to file legislation to legalize ALL abortions in Louisiana. Their goal is abortion-on-demand up until birth.

If we back down, the abortion industry will seize the opportunity. We can’t let that happen!

As 2022 comes to a close, please generously donate as we strive every day to keep Louisiana pro-life, to help moms, to promote adoption, and help other states defend life!

Together, we can protect every baby and help every mom!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana,

Benjamin Clapper
Executive Director
Louisiana Right to Life