On Tuesday evening, YouTube, without warning, deleted our Louisiana Right to Life YouTube Channel.

They claimed they found “severe or repeated violations of our harmful and dangerous policy” on our page. We immediately appealed their decision.  On Thursday morning, YouTube notified us saying, “We reviewed your channel carefully, and have confirmed that it violates our harmful and dangerous policy.

These decisions came directly after uploading a investigative report video conducted by Louisiana Right to Life exposing the illegal abortion pill crisis. However, rather than asking Louisiana Right to Life to remove that specific video, removing it directly, or warning us of any specific violation of their policy within this video or others, they instead removed our entire channel.

After a simple search, this time into the blatant pro-abortion content on Youtube’s platform, we found Youtube to be deliberately censoring our pro-life speech.

We found within minutes four distinct videos promoting the illegal sale of abortion pills and informing viewers where to purchase the abortion pills even in states where the law makes it illegal to sell them, which IS a violation of YouTube’s policies. 

Of course, these are pro-abortion videos.  It is no surprise YouTube has elected to censor our content and not censor their content.

We need you to tell YouTube: ILLEGAL ABORTION PILLS are “harmful and dangerous,” NOT PRO-LIFE GROUPS!

We outlined in full detail our complaints in a Letter to YouTube, which you can read by clicking this link.

To view our Investigative Report, click here.

Tell YouTube:

Stop Censoring Us!

Reinstate Louisiana Right to Life's Channel!