Chers Bébés: Acadiana’s Soirée for Life

October 21, 2021
6:30 PM (Doors open at 6 PM)
Cathedral Hall
515 Cathedral St, Lafayette, LA 70501

The seventh annual Chers Bébés: Acadiana’s Soirée for Life is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021, at Cathedral Hall in Lafayette.

Chers Bébés benefits the Dr. Zerben Bienvenu and Dr. William Smith Fund for Acadiana Pro-Life Education, dedicated to the pro-life education of middle and high school students across Acadiana through interactive presentations and activities. Through these efforts we continue to strengthen the pro-life spirit of Acadiana for generations to come!


Fran Hampton will share her amazing story of placing her child for adoption and later reuniting with her adopted child!

Fran Hampton


Honorees for the 2021 Chers Bébés: Acadiana’s Soirée for Life are Sharon Fontenot and Dr. Kim and Bonnie Hardey.

Sharon Fontenot

Even before the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion on demand, Sharon drove single, pregnant girls to Catholic Social Services to help them get counseling. Some girls opted to return and were housed during the duration of their pregnancies.

After the 1973 Supreme Court decision she co-founded Eunice Right to Life and through its Speaker’s Bureau presented pro-life slide presentations to civic groups, churches, and schools. In 1976 Sharon served as President of Louisiana Right to Life and has represented Eunice on the Louisiana Right to Life Board of Directors in the past. She spent much time lobbying for pro-life legislation through the mid 90’s, and she testified in favor of pro-life bills in both the Louisiana House and Senate. In June 1991 she led the override of Gov. Buddy Roemer’s veto of a pro-life bill.

Sharon remains active today in the pro-life community and recently opened New Life Pregnancy Center with the cooperation of several civic groups in a tri-parish area. The center offers women alternatives to the legal killing of their unborn babies.

Sharon and her husband, the late Tommy Fontenot, have four children, 12 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren.

Dr. Kim and Bonnie Hardey

Dr. Kim and Bonnie Hardey met while in college in 1976 in their hometown of Covington. By the time they married in 1979 Kim was halfway through medical school at LSU in New Orleans. Over the course of their marriage, and despite relative infertility, they were able to give birth to three children.

Fifteen months after marriage they welcomed their first child. It was with this birth that God cemented into their lives the conviction that abortion is a great evil, and Kim decided to pursue a residency in OB/GYN and become a pro-life obstetrician.

In 1985, when the couple was competing the residency program, there was an economic downturn in Louisiana. After two years of practicing in Hattiesburg, Miss., they relocated to Dothan, Ala., and lived there for seven years. During that time a series of events unfolded that led them to be convicted that the use of contraception was sinful and that providing of contraception and sterilization by physicians is wrong. This conviction required them to relocate in December 1993 from Dothan, a town and pro-life practice that they dearly loved, to Lafayette.

In Lafayette they set up the South’s first pro-life, contraceptive free, OB/GYN practice. They quickly learned of the many Catholic lay persons and physicians who had laid a firm pro-life foundation in the Acadiana culture. The Hardeys went on to learn and teach Natural Family Planning courses. Dr. Hardey became medical director, and both Dr. and Mrs. Hardey served as board members for the Woman’s Center, Lafayette’s first Catholic Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Over the next 20 years Dr. Hardey volunteered to speak to any group interested in Catholic teaching on sexuality and presented on related topics to hundreds of groups. Many pro-life patients were attracted to the practice, and over the years he delivered more than 6,000 babies. The Hardeys are very grateful for the support of the community and the many patients seen over the years.

In 2015, after 20 years of solo practice, Dr. Hardey stopped practicing obstetrics and became an office gynecologist.

They both remain on the board of the Desormeaux Foundation, and Dr. Hardey is also medical director to A Pregnancy Center and Clinic in Lafayette. They remain involved in many pro-life and apostolic activities.

Dr. and Mrs. Hardey have two living children and two grandchildren.


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