Delta Abortion Clinic of Baton Rouge – LDH Report 2019

Summary of Deficiencies at Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge

Date of Report: 3/29/2019 

READ FULL REPORT: Delta March 21, 2019 Department of Health

Document Length: 44 pages

Clinic: Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge

Address: 756 Colonial Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Review of Delta Clinic found the following deficiencies:

FAILURE TO MAINTAIN SUPPLY OF EMERGENCY MEDICATION AND EQUIPMENT: The Medical Director failed to ensure supply of emergency medications, including Midazolam and Adenosine, and medical equipment needed to stabilize patients or treat surgical complications. 

DEFICIENCIES LEAD TO IMMEDIATE JEOPARDY SITUATION: Immediate Jeopardy Situation occurred on 3/15/2019 (Page 6).