Advertise for Life Program is Saving Lives

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Studies show that 95 percent of women who enter a pregnancy center choose life. But even with more than 30 pregnancy resource centers in Louisiana, 22 women a day still choose abortion.

Louisiana Right to Life began the Advertise for Life project in 2011 to try and reach these and other women considering abortion through a variety of compelling mediums, including billboards, bus wraps and bus stop ads, Facebook, radio and Google. These ads direct women through a website and hotline number to a local pregnancy center that can offer immediate assistance and, hopefully, help them choose life.

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The Advertise for Life project operates through the website, which received a makeover last fall to make it fresher and easier to navigate. It features a prominent zip code search, so women – and men – can quickly find a pregnancy center near their location.

Last fall, the Advertise for Life project ran a radio campaign on Pandora targeted to a specific demographic over a three-month period. Our message was heard more than 1.4 million times by nearly 60,000 separate listeners. Of those, nearly 2,000 clicked on the accompanying display ad and visited to search for pregnancy centers nearby.

Since its inception, the Advertise for Life project has continually focused on targeted online advertising through Google search engine optimization. When someone searches “abortion in New Orleans,” for instance, our ad will usually pop up first or near the top, above the abortion facilities.

Women will call the listed number looking for an abortion provider but instead reach a pregnancy center, which is able to share information about its medical services and offer a non-judgmental place for the woman to slow down, talk and consider her options. Some of these women will make an appointment, and through this many unborn babies are saved.

This year to date, our pregnancy center partners have helped approximately 20 mothers who wanted an abortion choose life for their babies. And that number keeps growing! Here is just a sampling of stories of success we’ve received from pregnancy center directors:

  • A young man called our center seeking an abortion for his girlfriend after seeing a Google ad paid for by the Advertise for Life program. Once we were able to speak with “Mary” on the phone, she agreed to an appointment. She came in alone, and we found out later the couple had broken up and he was moving away for a job opportunity. “Mary” said she was OK with his decision, and she was happy with her decision to keep her baby.
  • “Lisa” was scared when she thought she was pregnant. She looked up abortion, and our Google ad paid for by the Advertise for Life program came up. She called the center, and we were able to get her to come in for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. When Lisa saw there was a heartbeat and saw her baby moving, she started to cry. She even had her sister come back to the room to see the ultrasound image. There was no question then, “Lisa” decided to parent.
  • A young woman went online looking for information on abortion, and she found our Google ad paid for by the Advertise for Life program. She called the number listed and agreed to come into the center for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. We counseled her on her options, including adoption, but she said she had no support system, and she left still intending to abort. Our counselor called to check on her a few times and finally was able to speak with her. That young woman said she decided to tell her family about the pregnancy, and even showed them her ultrasound picture, and with their support she had decided to parent.
  •  We got an email from a young woman who was looking for information on abortion. We got in touch with her, and she came in for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. She was still undecided after her ultrasound, but she has now decided to parent. If not for the Google ad paid for by the Advertise for Life project that directed her to us, she might have made a different decision.
  •  “Ann” found out she was pregnant and was worried how her father would react. She searched the internet for information on an abortion and found our Google ad paid for by the Advertise for Life program. She called and agreed to come in for an appointment. We counseled “Ann” on her options, referring her for services, and encouraging her to talk with her family and her boyfriend’s family, “Ann” has decided to parent.
  • A mother called for her daughter and told us her daughter wanted an abortion. We set an appointment, and the daughter and mother came. The girl said she wanted to stay in school and didn’t want the interruptions that would result from her pregnancy, and she had decided that abortion was her best option. But after meeting with our caregiver, receiving education about fetal development, and taking a serious look at what abortion involves, she changed her mind.  The caregiver also shared her personal testimony, which fit the girl’s situation almost exactly. The mother who had made the call to us was very excited about her daughter’s decision. The Advertise for Life program is really working!

The Advertise for Life project is saving lives, but funds are limited. The more funds that are raised during the year the more modes of advertising we can pursue, the more women in crisis pregnancies we can reach and the more babies we can save from abortion.

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