Right to Life Wall Calendar

Louisiana and New Orleans Right to Life’s 2024 Right to Life Wall Calendar is available for sale NOW!

New Orleans Right to Life has published a Right to Life Calendar since 1974, showcasing the beauty of life through the photos of babies and children of our communities. Not only is the calendar filled with fun and interactive material, it is designed to educate and inspire those who see it. Individual calendars available at $8 (price includes shipping costs) each while supplies last.

There are multiple ways for individuals, youth group, church, school, or pro-life club to utilize the Right to Life Calendar for LIFE!

For Individuals:

Individuals can purchase the Right to Life calendars online here, with the shipping cost already built in. Calendars start at $8/calendar, and bulk rates are available at the Calendar’s store page.  The calendars are great gifts for family and friends!

For Groups:

The Right to Life Calendar can be a great fundraising tool for church groups, youth groups, and pro-life groups!  You can either…

  1. Purchase the Right to Life calendars upfront for $5/calendar, and promote them to your group for any amount above $5 to raise funds for your group’s pro-life activities!
  2. Utilize a Right to Life calendars’ loan: Pickup the calendars from Louisiana Right to Life with no upfront cost, and pay New Orleans Right to Life $5/calendar after your group sells them. You’d then also turn in any remaining calendars not sold.

Want to utilize one of these group options?

Contact TJ Burgess, Director of Events for Louisiana Right to Life, at 504.754.8872 or TJ@ProLifeLouisiana.org.

Tell TJ which of the first two options you’d like, and TJ will work with you to setup a pickup time. Our Lakeview office at 200 Allen Toussaint Blvd. New Orleans, LA 70124 is open from 9am-5pm, but we are flexible with pickup options outside of these hours.

Submit Your Baby Photos for a Future Calendar!

Each year, Louisiana and New Orleans Right to Life produce a “Right to Life Calendar” filled with babies showcasing the beauty of life.

Can you help? Are you willing to share a baby picture of your child or grandchild? It would be great if you also could provide the baby’s ultrasound photo!

If you would like to submit a photo, please send a high resolution .jpg (raw or large file size) from a digital camera to calendars@prolifelouisiana.org. Generally, phone photos do not work unless you have a newer phone and the photo has high resolution, with a professional or clean background.

We like to have photos from many different sources, taken casually or professionally. As much as possible we like to have photos with the baby by itself and ideally between birth and 18 months old. Photos with seasonal themes are encouraged. Our graphic designer will make the final decision on photos that will be included in the calendar.