2020 Louisiana Loves Life Conferences



Join us as we rally to continue the fight strong to end abortion in Louisiana!

September 19th, 2020: Baton Rouge @ Bethany Church 

October 3rd, 2020: Shreveport @ TBD

On November 3rd, 2020, pro-life Louisianians everywhere have the chance to make their voice heard with their vote. The Love Life Amendment, which makes abortion illegal in our state constitution, will be on the ballot! For more information on the amendment, visit LoveLifeVoteYes.com 

We need everyone engaged to solidify this final piece of the puzzle of pro-life laws in Louisiana and to ensure that we effectively lead the nation toward victory over death; the victory that all unborn babies will protected by law and welcomed with love. 

Music, Speakers, Breakout Discussions, Meals, Networking, Activism!

Learn how to have difficult conversations about abortion and what you can do in Louisiana for the pro-life movement. Be equipped to engage in the campaign for the Love Life Amendment. Prepare for another season of 40 Days for Life. Bring resources together and grow our network to help women in crisis. Train as a Pro-Life Leader for your high school or college community. Stand united in prayer as we amplify the diverse voices of those impacted by abortion. 

Leave filled to the brim with inspiration for your own heart, and depart stocked with concrete tools in your hands to help all Louisianians love life.