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Vigil Sign-Up

Church or group coordinators can “adopt-a-day” by filling out the form below. This process helps us to ensure that there are at least 2 people at the site from 7AM-7PM every day. However this does not mean that our participation should be limited to the day we adopt. Individuals and group members are encouraged to be present at the site repeatedly and often throughout the campaign. We want to be present as a cohesive and whole community every day.

Before you sign up to adopt a day, PLEASE check the vigil schedule by clicking here!

If you would like to be a substitute for unfilled hours, or if you run into problems or questions, please email You can also call the campaign office at 504.835.6520.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be delay in our uploading of campaign sign ups due to circumstances beyond our control. Please email if you don’t see the spot you signed up for listed on the calendar. You DO have that date/time reserved, and you can move forward on going out during the time & date requested during 40 Days for Life. Thanks!

Download PDF “Statement of Peace”