Give for Babies!


Here in Louisiana, unborn babies are protected, mothers in crisis are supported through their pregnancies, loving adoptions are a priority and reality, and your faithful membership support for Louisiana Right to Life is making it happen. From the classroom to the Capitol, and for over 54 years, we have been our state’s leading and most effective pro-life voice.

Our enemies want to legalize abortion… specifically abortion-on-demand, at taxpayer expense and at any time during pregnancy. The Biden Administration is “all-in” on supporting the atrocities of abortion. The purveyors of death must be stopped.

Through the membership support of heroic champions of life like you, here’s what we’ve done in Louisiana… a multitude of successes that we will build on in 2024 and beyond:

Given the magnitude of what we do, we can’t let up, even for an instant. Lives are at stake. Louisiana’s future hangs in the balance. It’s time for action. This is your time! Louisiana Right to Life has BIG PLANS for 2024 and they include you!

Your 2024 support will give our pro-life movement strength and momentum. We’ve always had a purpose… saving unborn lives… and, together, we’ve brought that vision to life. THANK YOU!

Your contributions to the Louisiana Right to Life Federation Inc., a 501c4 organization, enable us to defend life across Louisiana through legislation, education, service, activism, and voter education.  Because you are donating to our most effective fund, donations are not tax-deductible, but they are confidential.  There is no donation limit.