Giving Tuesday

November 30, 2021

On this Giving Tuesday, you can help us reach women in crisis pregnancies through our Advertise for Life initiative! In 2021 through October, we have saved at least 23 babies from abortion through this initiative! Donate $23 in honor of the 23 babies saved and help us reach more women considering abortion with our ads! Scroll down to give!

You can give on this page (below) for #GivingTuesday, or you can give in our #iGiveCatholic campaign by clicking here.

As the oldest and largest pro-life organization in Louisiana, Louisiana Right to Life strives daily to light the way to a completely pro-life Louisiana. Thanks to your support and our work, Louisiana is the #1 pro-life state in America!  Click to watch our short promotional video to learn more about Louisiana Right to Life

One awesome effort we are leading to save babies and help moms is our Advertise for Life effort that has saved at least 23 babies in 2021 so far!

In 2021, you have helped us save lives, reach mothers, and bring Louisiana one step closer to an abortion-free Louisiana!  Here a quick look at some successes of 2021…

  • Through September of 2021, we have 24 confirmed lives saved through our Advertise for Life Initiative in 2021 but thousands more women have reached with a message of hope!
  • We passed the Abortion Pill Reversal Disclosure Act at the State Legislature giving women information on how they can save their baby if they regret their chemical abortion. In addition, we passed six other pro-life bills in Baton Rouge, including tax deductions for families adopting babies.
  • We have reached millions of students and adults reached on social media!
  • Abortion has decreased in Louisiana since 2014 by 27% and 62% since 1982!  Together, we are saving lives!
  • And finally, as the Supreme Court reconsiders Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health case, Louisiana stands ready to protect EVERY baby from abortion once Roe v. Wade is overturned!

Please Support Our Advertise for Life Program
Help Us Reach Women and Save Babies

Every day in Louisiana, 20 women choose abortion, yet there are more than 35 pro-life pregnancy centers across Louisiana that provide resources to help these women choose life. Studies show that up to 95% of women who enter a pregnancy center choose life, but most of these pregnancy centers have no advertising budget to reach these women.

The mission of our Advertise for Life Initiative is to reach women considering abortion through a variety of compelling and youthful advertisements that will encourage them to choose life for themselves and their child. The ads, which vary from internet ads to billboards to radio spots and more, connect women, through a website and hotline number, with local pregnancy resource centers that can offer immediate assistance. The campaign operates the website, the direct link to the pregnancy resource centers.

Take a look at two recent stories of how a baby was saved thanks to our ads and your support!

  • A pregnant woman searching for abortion on Google saw our Advertise for Life ad and called a Shreveport pregnancy center.  The pregnant woman had a 1 year old child and was overwhelmed.  But she agreed to come in for an appointment.  At the center, the woman talked to the counselor and then saw the ultrasound with her boyfriend.  They realized they were not alone! They left with a doctor’s appointment scheduled, gifts, and a referral for help from Nurse Family Partnership.  They knew they had support!
  • A mother is looking for an abortion for her 17-year-old daughter. She saw an ad for “Advertise for Life,” and she was connected to a pregnancy center in Metairie. At the appointment, the girl’s mother was so upset she bolted from the office. But her daughter stayed, had an ultrasound, saw her baby’s beating heart and was moved to tears. She saw there was life inside her, and even though she left the center “undecided,” she ultimately decided to “Choose Life.”

We can save more lives through your support!  In fact, we are only reaching 44% of women searching for abortion on Google in Louisiana.  We have a lot more women to reach, and we can do that through your support!

In 2021, a new element of the effort has been reaching women coming from Texas to Louisiana to have abortions due to Texas’ life-saving Heartbeat law (Louisiana has our own Heartbeat law but it has been held up by court challenges).  Check out our billboard below between Lake Charles and Texas! More billboards are going up between Shreveport and Texas soon!

Our Advertise for Life program connects abortion-minded women to these wonderful pregnancy centers across the state. Through October of this year, our Advertise for Life program has saved at least 23 babies who would have been aborted if not for your support of this program. The mothers of these babies would have had to live the rest of their lives with their past abortions haunting their memories. But, because of your support, we were able to reach out to them and help them choose life!

Donate $23 today in honor of these 23 lives saved from abortion!

For our Google-based ads that pop up when a person searches for abortion in Louisiana (see an image of our Baton Rouge ad at this link), we pay when a woman “clicks” on our ad, whether on her smartphone or computer. Right now, we pay an average of $3.43 per click.  This means that when you donate $23, you sponsor nearly 8 ads reaching women considering abortion!

While abortion facilities seem to have endless funding to get women in their doors, our pro-life advertising funds are limited. Will You Help?

For $23, you can reach nearly 8 women in need and connect them to life-saving help. Your support can change minds and save unborn lives!

Here’s an example of where your money will go:

  • $23: Honor Our 23 babies saved and help reach more women!
  • $51.45 – Sponsors 15 ads to women considering abortion.
  • $100: Help us continue our social media advertising campaigns.
  • $250: Help us expand our social media advertising campaigns on college campuses.
  • $500: Help us place billboards in high traffic areas.
  • Choose your donation amount and sponsor as many $3.43 ads as you would like!
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