Giving Tuesday

November 29, 2022

On this Giving Tuesday, you can help us PROMOTE THE BEAUTY OF ADOPTION through our Option Hope Educational Initiatives! Watch the “Kim’s Story” video and donate $20.69 to reach 1,000 people on social media with the adoption message! Scroll down to give!

You can give on this page (scroll down) for #GivingTuesday, or you can give in our #iGiveCatholic campaign by clicking here.

As the oldest and largest pro-life organization in Louisiana, Louisiana Right to Life strives daily to light the way to a completely pro-life Louisiana. Thanks to your support and our work, Louisiana is the #1 pro-life state in America!  Click to watch our short promotional video to learn more about Louisiana Right to Life

Since 1970, through your generosity, Louisiana Right to Life has led the way to Louisiana becoming abortion-free! Our shared mission of restoring the right to life through education, legislation, activism, and service has left a legacy for generations to come.

Just look at a few of the successes we have accomplished together:

  • Passing 59 pro-life laws in Baton Rouge since 2006, including the Human Life Protection Act this past legislative session that guaranteed the protection of life!
  • Inspiring the national film LIFEMARK through our adoption documentary I Lived on Parker Avenue!
  • Educating over 70,000 young people since 2008 through talks and outreach!
  • Our social media reached 2,190,467 individual Facebook and Instagram users since the start of 2020.
  • Inspiring hearts and minds and saving lives through our advertising campaigns, including many billboards across Louisiana!

But our mission is not done. Our efforts in a Post-Roe Louisiana MUST continue! Here is a glimpse of our “post-Roe priorities!”

  • Keep Louisiana Pro-Life: We must work to stop legislation at the State Capitol that legalizes all or some abortions, to combat misinformation regarding pro-life laws, to educate about the beauty of life, and to empower young people to be pro-life!
  • Help Women Considering Abortion: No mother should feel the need to travel out of state to have an abortion. Our website is a hub for support for moms, and our Advertise for Life campaign utilizes digital strategies to reach mothers searching for abortion. With our current budget, we are only reaching 1/3 of these moms! We need to raise funds to reach the remainder of women seeking abortion.
  • Promote the Adoption Option: Through our Option Hope Initiative in public high schools and advertising campaigns, we aim to open the hearts of potential birth mothers and fathers to the choice of adoption.

You can help us today! Here’s options of how you can directly support us:

  • $20.69: Reach 1,000 People on Social Media with Adoption Video
  • $51.45: Sponsors 15 “Advertise for Life” Google Ads to women considering abortion and direct them to a local pregnancy center.
  • $517.25: Reach 25,000 People on Social Media with Adoption Video
  • $1,000: Sponsor a one-day of our legislative advocacy!
  • $2,500: Sponsor a pro-life billboard for a month!
  • Choose your own donation amount!

Thank you for your generosity!