2018 Fall House Elections

Special Election: Nov. 6 (Results Below)
Runoff Election: Dec. 8

Special elections are being held this fall to fill two vacant seats in the Louisiana House of Representatives for Districts 33 and 90.

Three people qualified to run for the District 33 seat, while four people qualified for the District 90 seat. The District 33 seat became available when Mike Danahay stepped down after being elected mayor of Sulphur. The District 90 seat was vacated by Greg Cromer, who stepped down after being elected mayor of Slidell.

District 10 was also vacant previously, but only one person qualified to run for that seat. Wayne McMahen of Springhill was sworn into office on July 31.

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Louisiana Right to Life sent candidate questionnaires to each of the candidates. We post responses as we receive them. Below are the candidate comparisons. If you know candidates running for these seats, please ask them to quickly complete the questionnaire and return to us. If you meet or speak to a candidate, ask them how they answered the 2018 Louisiana Right to Life Questionnaire.

Download 2018 Candidate Questionnaire

House District 33

** Stuart Moss was elected to this seat on Nov. 6, receiving 54 percent of the vote (6,795).

“Les” Farnum (D-Sulphur)
• 2018 Questionnaire: 100% Pro-Life (Submitted 8-14)

Teri A. Johnson (D-Sulphur)
• 2018 Questionnaire: No current response

Stuart Moss (R-Sulphur)
• 2018 Questionnaire: 100% Pro-Life (Submitted 8-13)

House District 90

* Mary DuBuisson and John Raymond were the top vote getters in the Nov. 6 special election and now face each other in a Dec. 8 runoff. DuBuisson received 29 percent of the vote (4,263), while John Raymond received 25 percent of the vote (3,643).

Mary DuBuisson (R-Slidell)
• 2018 Questionnaire: 100% Pro-Life (Submitted 8-29)

Brian Glorioso (R-Slidell)
• 2018 Questionnaire: 100% Pro-Life (Submitted 8-16)

Sean Morrison (D-Slidell)
• 2018 Questionnaire: No current response

John Raymond (R-Slidell)
• 2018 Questionnaire: 100% Pro-Life (Submitted 8-31)