2004-2007 Senate Scorecard

Louisiana Right to Life actively works to defend life in the Louisiana Capitol by passing pro-life legislation and stopping anti-life legislation and amendments.  To accomplish this mission, we need pro-life legislators committed to voting for life!

The following table lists Louisiana Right to Life’s 8 scored pro-life votes in the Louisiana Senate from the 2004-2007 Legislative Term. Below the table you will find the scorecard key and the list of scored votes.

To view details on the previous scorecards, use the links below. Please note that a Senate member listed below may have served in the House during previous years.

2004-2007 Senate Scored Votes

  1. Comprehensive Human Cloning Ban (2004)
  1. Clone and Kill Bill (2004)
  1. Human Dignity Act (2005)
  1. Human Life Protection Act / Trigger Law (2006)
  1. Rape and Incest Amendment to Human Life Protection Act / Trigger Law (2006)
  1. Adoption Education Act (2006)
  1. Partial-Birth Abortion Ban (2007)
  1. Fetal Pain and Ultrasound Informed Consent (2007)