2008 Session

The 2008 State Legislative Session was a great success!  Be sure to look at the “Top Ten” successes below, as well as our Right to Life Legislative Scorecard to see how you legislator voted on these important life issues.

2008 State Legislative Scorecards

10.    Volunteers Protected at Centers: SB 353 waived liability for volunteer physicians supervising ultrasounds at non-profit pregnancy resource centers.

9.    Legislators Forgetting the Past & Moving Forward: A number of legislators who voted against life in the past stood for life this year.

8.    Education about Human Cloning: The Science Education Act assured Louisianians that cloning and stem cell research will be taught fairly in public schools.

7.    14,645 Pro-Lifers Got Involved: LARTL’s petition campaign helped to ban cloning and resulted 14,645  pro-lifers getting involved and educated on human cloning.

6.    Funding for Pregnancy Centers Secured: The State will continue to support pregnancy centers by funding the Life Choices Project with 1 million dollars.

5.    New Legislators Resoundingly Pro-Life: 84% of new legislators cast a 100% pro-life record.

4.    Public Umbilical Cord Blood Bank on Horizon: Lifeshare Blood Center was given $1 million for the creation of a Public Umbilical Cord Blood Bank.

3.     Pro-Life Hope for Next Three Years: This year, our legislature showed it is strongly pro-life, giving great reason to look forward to succeses in the coming years.

2.    Cord Blood Banking Education Established: Through HB 861, expecting parents will soon be educated on the benefits of banking umbilical cord blood.

1.    Human Cloning Out of Business in LA: HB 370 effectively banned human cloning by prohibiting state and federal funding of cloning.


“Backing Cures, Banning Cloning” Package Passes Senate!

On Tuesday, June 3rd, the Senate passed HB 370, the ban on the public funding of human cloning, by a margin of 35-0! This followed another unanimous vote a few days earlier where HB 861, the Umbilical Cord Blood Education Act, passed the Senate floor. Both bills will now await the Governor’s signature before they become law.

These bills together, known as the “Backing Cures, Banning Cloning” Package, sends a clear message that, while we are moving ahead on finding cures for diseases, there is no room for unethical research in Louisiana. The destructive practice of human cloning has no place in the great pro-life state of Louisiana, and our legislature has made sure of it.

All pro-life people of Louisiana should be very pleased with this great success!


From May 22nd, 2008

Cloning Ban Passes Senate Committee!

On May 21st, the Senate Health & Welfare Committee passed HB 370. HB
370, which effectively bans human cloning in LA by preventing state and federal funding of human cloning in LA, now moves to the floor of the Senate. No date has been set. Our message is clear now: Pass HB 370 without amendments!

Benjamin Clapper, Director of LARTL, Presents Over 14,000 Petitions to Senate Committee>>>

Thank you for contacting the committee members and for signing the petition. After the Committee Hearing, one Senator, who received their petitions the previous day, stated, “I looked through those petitions last night. I knew plenty of those people. Some even used to work for me.”.

Again, thank you! The more than 14,000 petitions helped tip the scale to life.


Don’t know your Senator? Find out who they are and how to contact them here!