2014 Session

During the 2014 state legislative session, which begins March 10th and concludes on June 2nd, Louisiana Right to Life will be actively pushing legislation forward to protect women and unborn babies.  In addition, Louisiana Right to Life will work to stop anti-life legislation.

Exclusive Footage of Governor Jindal Signing HB 388 and HB 305

2014 Pro-Life Legislative Updates:

2014 Pro-Life Legislation:

Other Pro-Life Legislation:


  •  HB 187 Provides for Surrogacy in Louisiana:
This bill has the unintended consequence of creating a new baby broker industry in Louisiana by enacting a web of regulations that sanction commercialized surrogate pregnancy – sometimes referred to as “wombs for rent.”
  • Here are a few key facts about HB 187
    • Similar bills pass in other states show that this legislation gives rise to a new industry that profits surrogate brokers and lawyers who inevitably end up fighting over issues such as coerced abortion of imperfect unborn children as recently occurred in Connecticut. See CNN, “Surrogate offered $10,000 to abort baby” (March 6, 2013).
    • All children that are born via surrogacy or any other method are entitled to the same love and respect due to every member of the human family.  As people of life, we understand the emotional desire that underlies surrogacy efforts.
    • There are other options for couples who experience infertility that do not involve the commodification of women and children to be bought and sold via third-party pregnancy.
    • The current legislation that allows financial compensation under the guise of “reasonable living expenses” allows paying our young healthy daughters to undergo artificially induced pregnancy, and does not exclude paid abortion if the unborn child doesn’t meet some standard of perfection (as provided in standard surrogacy contracts).
  • On March 25th, the Surrogacy Bill, HB 187, passed the House Civil Law & Procedure Committee adopted overwelmingly the pro-life amendments to HB 187.  As the bill stands now, contracts to govern “altruistic” surrogacy will be possibly, but commercialed surrogacy and forced abortion will be prohibited. To find out more details read our press release.  

Click this link to view and download Louisiana Right to Life’s resolution for opposing commercial surrogacy legislation based on paid pregnancy and paid abortion