Gestational Surrogacy

The baby born through gestational surrogacy is equally valuable as any other human life! 

This needs to be stated first because oftentimes those who support surrogacy and in-vitro fertilization argue that those who oppose it don’t recognize the lives of those born through artificial means as intrinsically valuable. However, that is not the case! Instead, we are concerned about the lives sacrificed in order to accomplish the goal of IVF and gestational surrogacy. There are many unborn babies that are sacrificed for the sake of the healthy children that are born from surrogacy in addition to the countless embryos that are frozen or destroyed. Here are a few of the problems with surrogacy and IVF.

Louisiana Right to Life maintains that the governmental regulation of gestational surrogacy will open the door to the destruction of more human embryos and a higher occurrence of selective abortion in Louisiana.

We do not wish to discourage any one’s desire to conceive. However, we should never create life to destroy it.

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