In-Vitro Fertilization

Every human life, no matter how it’s created, is valuable and we feel great sympathy for couples who struggle with infertility. We realize that the desire to have children is one many of us share.  However, there are some concerns with reproductive technology that is available to us today because oftentimes other babies are killed to produce one healthy child. Please read about this below.


Pro-Life Concerns with In-Vitro Fertilization 

There is controversy in the pro-life community on the ethics of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), the process of taking eggs from the mother’s body and placing them in a pietridish with the sperm of the father.

Many eggs are fertilized in this controlled process to increase the chances of successful development. However, in most cases, only one fertilized egg is placed within the womb of the mother to be carried to term. The rest of the fertilized eggs, being property of the father and mother, are either frozen for later use or are donated to scientists for experiment. These scientists, then, let the zygote develop into a blastocyst. At the blasotcyst stage, they strip the stem cells from the human, leaving the blastocyst dead.

Additional Problems with IVF 

Profit driven Industry: There is an entire industry that profits from egg donation and the discarded embryos that are created during IVF.  The process of finding egg donors preys on young girls by offering them financial incentives for donating their eggs, but oftentimes those incentives come with a hefty price tag: unsafe medical procedures, hormone overdoses and health risks. Also, fertility clinics have made medical errors in the past, and in those instances, they’ve lead to custody battles, ugly lawsuits and at least one abortion. As former Indiana University biology professor David Prentice explains: “This is an entirely unregulated industry, a business. It’s the same manufacturing industry that brought us the ‘Octomom’ and ‘egg brokers,’ treating babies and women’s bodies and eggs as commodities. Maybe it’s about time we took a harder look at the whole idea of cavalierly creating life in the lab.” 

Reduction Abortions and Sex-selection abortions: “Reduction abortion”is the abortion of one or more babies in a mulitple pregnancy to lessen the risks associated with carrying twins, triplets etc. These types of abortions occur more often during IVF because sometimes doctors implant more than one embryo in the woman’s uterus to increase the like hood that one will implant. A selective reduction abortion is often performed by injecting poison into the heart of the child chosen for abortion. Then, when the woman gives birth she gives birth to a living and dead baby. Watch the video below to more to learn about reduction abortions.