Honoring of the Life of Mary Ellen Wypyszinski

In honor of the wonderful memory and rich life of Mary Ellen Wypyszinski, who passed on Oct. 7, thank you for your compassionate consideration in making a donation to Louisiana Right to Life.

Mary Ellen was a nurse for decades and spent her professional life easing the pain and suffering of many and providing life-saving intervention for thousands of souls. In addition she was uncompromisingly pro-life and cared deeply for the plight of the unborn in America.

Her son Peter and her daughter Christina were deeply impacted by her example, and reflections of their mother’s influence are apparent in their everyday life. Together with their family, they would be deeply grateful that in the midst of their grief they could take some solace in knowing that the cause of Life benefited from her passing. Sincere appreciation for and blessings upon you and yours.

Louisiana Right to Life will notify the family of Mary Ellen Wypyszinski of your generous donation.

Donation in Memory of Mary Ellen Wypyszinski

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