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The Supreme Court of the United States is expected to hand down a decision in June on the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Org, and this decision will potentially overturn Roe v. Wade or cause an other extreme change in abortion-law across the country. Legislatively and constitutionally, Louisiana is ready to become completely abortion-free once Roe v. Wade is overturned. However, we know that becoming truly abortion-free resides in both legal protection for the unborn and a huge cultural shift to welcoming, protecting, and caring for babies and their mothers. This Post-Roe Louisiana Summit is intended to bring pro-life leaders, organizations, and activists together in vital education, critical discussion, and unified community ahead of the monumental Supreme Court decision.

The conference of the Post-Roe Louisiana Summit is the focal program. Check back here for the forthcoming detailed schedule. Light refreshments, Lunch, Coffee, and drinks provided.

Tickets are $15/person. Register Below.

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Summit Sessions will include: Preparing to Be Abortion-Free: Education, Legislation, Service, and Activism; Post-Roe Black Market Abortions (At Home/Chemical Abortions); Louisiana Public and Private Social Services for Mothers in Need; The Nuances of Adoption and Foster Care in a Post-Roe Louisiana; Church Ministry Needed Now and Post-Roe for Mothers in Crisis Pregnancies; Education Sessions for Lawyers and Doctors; Starting and Getting Involved with Pregnancy Resource Centers and Maternity Homes; Post-Roe Pro-Life Activism; Youth Education and Activism

The Summit will also feature Exhibitor Stations to learn about: Starting and Getting Involved in a Right to Life Chapter; Louisiana Right to Life Educational Tools and Programs; Louisiana Pregnancy Resource Centers and other Pro-Life services and resources; College Education Exhibition and Van; Option Hope: Adoption for Now and Later, a Curriculum for Public Schools; The Love Approach: Talking to a Woman in a Crisis Pregnancy; 40 Days for Life and Sidewalk Advocacy; Share Your Story Media Station; And more!

*Travel Convenience Suggestion: Catholics have the option of attending 4PM Vigil Mass at St. George Catholic Church, 5 minutes from Bethany Church, following the Summit closing.


Thank you to Bethany Church for hosting these critical events!

Post-Roe Louisiana Summit Registration

  • Examples: Respect Life Coordinator of St. Peter Parish Catholic Church; President of St. Tammany Right to Life Chapter; member of Bethany Church; Pastor of St. Paul's Episcopal.
    An event associated with the summit, the Louisiana Vigil for Life will be held the evening before the conference on Friday, June 3rd, 7PM, at the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge (756 Colonial Dr B, Baton Rouge, LA 70806), the local abortion facility. See for more information. You also have the option to RSVP at a later time at the RSVP link on the website.
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