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A New Day Has Dawned!

Roe v. Wade is gone, and unborn babies are now protected by law in Louisiana!

The Supreme Court has reversed Roe v. Wade, restoring to states the ability to protect unborn babies from the violence of abortion.  With this decision, Louisiana law should immediately go into effect, safeguarding the right to life of precious children waiting to be born.

While there have been legal proceedings since the overturn of Roe v. Wade that have paused the implementation of our law at various times, as of July 29th, Louisiana’s laws protecting babies are in effect and elective abortion is illegal in Louisiana at this time!

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Supporting Mothers

Right now, pregnancy resource centers, private and public social services, adoption agencies, and more are ready to walk with moms and help babies.

Mothers have access to a supportive community that welcomes them and guides them along a successful path of care filled with counseling, financial aid, legal support, housing, job assistance, medical advocacy, childcare, parenting guidance, adoption facilitation, self-recovery, and much more. The social services and health care community can now focus on bettering all life-affirming resources for women, without the violence of abortion!

Moms in need can visit and utilize the zip code search to find pregnancy centers and a host of other social services near them.


Babies Have Rights!

The United States once again has the the ability to protect human beings at every stage of their lives, including in the womb!

Even within the first trimester, a baby’s heart is already beating and all of her organs are formed. She can smile. She responds to touch, curls her toes, explores her environment with her fingers, and even sucks a thumb. She has taste buds to experience the flavors that reach the amniotic fluid after her mother eats. Remarkably, surgeons have successfully performed surgery on fetuses at 15 weeks’ gestation.

She is human from her very beginning.  Go on a journey where science enlightens us at every step, from the first time a human heart beats, toes wiggle, ears hear music, and unborn eyes see light – all before being born into the world.

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Roe is Gone.
It’s Time To Step Up.

The work of the pro-life movement is not done. It’s time for every person to step up even more than they are right now to help moms and support babies.

For almost 50 years, abortion has been sold to women as the empowering solution to their crisis pregnancy. But this so-called solution has only exacerbated their crisis. It has led to hundreds of thousands of women being coerced into abortion. It has left women struggling with grief. It has resulted in women suffering injuries at the hands of abortionists. It has returned women to cycles of poverty, abuse, and violence.

We understand women in crisis pregnancies face real challenges. And real solutions are available. But it’s going to take even more from our communities, churches, and citizens to meet the needs of moms and babies.

Legislators in 2022 already increased state funding for alternatives to abortion, but we encourage policy-makers and the medical community to further expand help to moms. We implore the promotion of adoption as a life-giving alternative that can help the birth mom and a couple waiting for a baby.

But even as we face immense challenges, we should celebrate that the violent discrimination of legal abortion has ended. Thankfully, abortion can no longer be considered the “solution” to help women facing challenges. Abortion starves, tears, dismembers, crushes, and kills a human being. The abortion industry profits off this violence and the desperation of women. Abortion is not empowering or compassionate.

50 years of Roe has failed women, but a new day has dawned in Louisiana. The pro-life movement is ready to walk with moms.


Stand for Life

Join us as we work to protect life and help moms!