First Circuit Court of Appeals Grants Writ: LA Pro-Life Laws Can Be Enforced

Press Release
July 29, 2022
Contact: Sarah Zagorski

New Orleans – Today, the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals granted Attorney General Jeff Landry’s request for Supervisory Writ, which means Louisiana’s 2006 Human Life Protection Act, as well as the recent 2022 Reaffirmation of Human Life Act can go back in effect. Late Thursday, 84 legislators submitted an Amicus Brief in support of the Attorney General’s efforts to enforce Louisiana’s pro-life laws.

Sarah Zagorski, the Communication Director for Louisiana Right to Life, said the following about the court’s decision: “We are thankful that the First Circuit Court of Appeals granted Attorney General’s Supervisory Writ, and our pro-life laws can be enforced. Everyday our laws are blocked, unborn babies in Louisiana die in abortions.”

She added, “We are so thankful for the 84 state legislators who signed on to the amicus brief in support of AG Landry’s continued fight for our pro-life laws. Delaying the enforcement of Louisiana laws for months while a court case ensues would be an insult to the citizens of Louisiana and to the legislators. Louisianans have waited for nearly 50 years to protect our fellow unborn citizens.”