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PULSE Weekend Immersions

Pulse Leadership Institute

The PULSE Pro-life Youth Initiative is a multi-faceted initiative to train the junior high, high school, and college students of Louisiana to be pro-life agents of change in their communities. The initiative uses a variety of PULSE-themed projects, or beats, in order to inspire and train students.

The flagship beat of the initiative is the PULSE Immersion Weekend, a series of weekend programs training high school students to stand for the culture of life as courageous pro-life leaders.

The PULSE Leadership Institute is an intensive week-long camp designed to equip high school and college students to be the pro-life leaders of today. PLI is held each summer in Baton Rouge.

There are also small groups – or PULSE teams – in several areas of the state. These groups meet regularly, some monthly.

For more information, contact our Youth Programs Director Ashley Gilliam at [email protected] or call our office at 1.866.463.5433!