Local Teams

PULSE teams, smaller groups of high school and college students in specific areas of the state, meet regularly to discuss high school activism projects and resources and host a variety of events in order to activate and inspire students. These events include rallies, sidewalk chalking nights, themed movies, and more! And usually there is a free dinner involved thanks to Louisiana Right to Life.

There are currently five active PULSE teams. If you are interested in joining a team or getting more information, contacts are listed below. If you’d like to see a team form in your area, contact Youth Programs Co-Directors Mia Bordlee ([email protected]) or Krista Corbello ([email protected])

New Orleans, Northshore, Baton Rouge:

These PULSE teams typically meets once a month. Contact Mia Bordlee for more information at [email protected]

Lafayette, Lake Charles:
These PULSE teams typically meets  once a month. Contact Krista Corbello for more information at [email protected]