Protect Future Foodies! Ask NOLA Restaurants and Bars to Stop Promoting Abortion!

More than 50 New Orleans area chefs, bartenders, restaurant and bar owners, and others (and their businesses!) are publicly raising funds to promote abortion in our city, and we need to let them know we DO NOT SUPPORT their actions!  See the event’s Facebook page.

Contact these establishments today and tell them that they have lost your business! See the list below. Tell your friends as well.  Many of the places you have never heard of, but you probably have heard of a few, including Bayona, Patois, Willa Jean, Coquette, and others.

These businesses plan to participate in an event next Saturday afternoon, June 22, at the Magazine Merchant House in New Orleans.

According to a press release, the event, “Just Cause: A Boozy Bake Sale for Reproductive Rights,” is being organized by chef Mason Hereford and Lauren Agudo of Turkey and the Wolf and Molly’s Rise and Shine, chef Megan Forman of Gracious Bakery and event coordinator Mandi Bordelon. Others, like Ashlee Arceneaux Jones of Smallchalk who is providing artwork and graphics, are offering in-kind services.

They say 100 percent of the profits go to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and the New Orleans Abortion Fund.

Here’s what Megan Forman told “For me, I just see an erosion of rights in general. When people’s rights are endangered, it’s a cause for alarm. It’s scary when you might alienate customers, but I feel so strongly about this.”

Obviously, the baby’s rights are not important to Forman and the others participating.  It is a sad day in our city when some of our world-class restaurants raise funds to help end the lives of living unborn babies. We want to protect future foodies, not abortion businesses.

Below is a list of participants that came from the “Just Cause” facebook page through a posted image on June 11.  It appears that post has been removed from the event page.  However, we are still proceeding as if these are the establishments participating. If your establishment is on this list, and you are not participating, please email us at [email protected] and we will mark it appropriately.

Contact these restaurants today and tell them that they have lost your business.

Aaron Burgau
Patios(* 6/18/19 UPDATE: Mr. Burgau has contacted us and says Patios is no longer participating.)

• Abhi Bhansalli, Justin Faulkner, Torvelle Jarvis
City Greens, (* 6/14/19 UPDATE: We have been contacted and told that City Greens is no longer  participating in this event.)

Adolfo Garcia
La Boca, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 525-8205
High Hat Café, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 754-1336
Ancora Pizzeria, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 324-1636

Alex Harrell
The Elysian Bar, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 356-6769

Alredo Nogueira
Cure, Email: [email protected]; Phone: 504.302.2357
Cane and Table, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 581-1112

Amanda Toups, Isaac Toups, Courtney Hellenschmidt
Toups Meatery, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 252-4999
Toups South, Email, [email protected]; Phone: (504) 304-2147

Ashlee Arceneaux Jones
Smallchalk, Email: [email protected]

Beth Biundo
Beth Biundo Sweets, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 899-8059

Billy Jones, Richard Horner, Blue Giant

Brandon Lennert and Staff
Inferno Screen Printing, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 305-4025

Brett Jones
Barracuda, Phone: (504) 266-2961

Brian Fuller
Vino Wholesale, Phone: (504) 342-2980

Bronwen Wyatt and Joaquin Rodas
Bacchanel Wine, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 948-9111

Caitlin Carney, Mackenzie Klyce, Freya Ritchie, Marcus Jacobs
Marjies Grill, Phone: (504) 603-2234

• #15 on the participant list has asked to be removed from this website. They said they are not participating in the event.

Cara Benson
Toast, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 267-3260
Tartine, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 866-4860

Caroline Rosen
Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 948-0511

Chris Hannah
Jewel of the South, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 265-8816

Christina Belzebre
Levee Baking Co., Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 354-8708

Christopher Nobles
Piety and Desire Chocolate, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 491-4333

Dan Stein
Stein’s Deli, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 527-0771

Denny Culbert
Denny Culbert Photography, Email: [email protected]; Phone: 330.289.3881

Elizabeth Pulsinelli, Todd Pulsinelli
Warbucks, Email: i[email protected]; Phone: (504) 309-5260 . (* 6/13/19 UPDATE: We have been contacted and told that the Pulsinelli’s are not participating in this event.)

Emily Shaya, Alon Shaya, Suzi Darre
Saba, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 324-7770
Pom Hospitality, Email: [email protected]; (504) 641-3539

Faith Simmons
Debbie Does Doberge, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 210-8519

Leo Sloan
Good Bird, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (516) 314-2477

Gabriel Flores
The Inkwell Press, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 302-4656

Ian Barrilleaux
Congregation Coffee, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 265-0194

Jackie Blanchard, Emily Loubiere, Brandt Cox
Coutelier, Phone: (504) 475-5606

Jason Goodenough
Carrolton Market, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 252-9928

Jeff Schwartz
Bakery Bar, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 513-8664

Jennifer Coolidge, actress

• Wine companies Selection Massale, Vom Boden, and Division Wine Co.  (6/14/19 UPDATE: The owners of the local distributor previously listed here said their company is not participating in the event. The local owner said that while the national wineries agreed to donate wine, his company, nor the sales person that was listed by event organizers, is participating or making any donation.)

Katie O’Hara, Michael Gulotta
Mopho, Phone: (504) 482-6845
Maypop, Phone: (504) 518-6345

• Kelly Fields
Willa Jean, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 509-7334 .  (* 6/13/19 UPDATE: We have been contacted and told that Kelly Fields is not participating in this event.)

Kristen Essig, Michael Stoltzfuss, James Kubie
Couqette, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 265-0421

Leighann Smith, Daniel Jackson
Piece of Meat, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 372-2289

Liam Deegan
Longway Tavern and Barrel Proof
(* 6/14/19 UPDATE: These establishment have informed us that they are not participating in this event. However, Liam Deegan is participating as an independent bartender.)

Liz Hollinger, Jessica Tiedman Stokes
Molly’s Rise and Shine, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 302-1896
Turkey and the Wolf, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 218-7428

Maggie Scales
La Boulangerie, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 269-3777

Marna Brigtsen, Frank Brigtsen Brigtsen’s, Phone: (504) 861-7610   (* 6/13/19 UPDATE: Mr. Brigtsen has contacted us to inform us that they are not participating in this event.)

Megan Foreman
Gracious Bakery Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 301-3709

Michael Hughes
Cooper Mountain Vineyards, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (503) 649-0027

Neal Bodenherimer, Kirk Estopinal
Cure, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 302-2357
Cane and Table: Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 581-1112

Nicole Eiden, Marielle Dupre
Windowsill Pies, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 231-2789

Nina Compton
Compere Lapin, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 599-2119
Babs, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 605-3827

Patty Morton
Scoops on Scoops

Rebekah Clanci, Scott Wood
Courtyard Brewery, Email: [email protected]

Rosa Dunlap, Seth Dunlap
Magazine Merchant House, Email: [email protected]

Ryan Prewitt
Peche, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 522-1744

Stephen Stryjewski
Cochon, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 588-2123
Peche, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 522-1744
Gianna, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 399-0816

Susan Spicer, Bryony Hensel, Tori Rawson
Bayona, Phone: (504)-525-4455

Tess Mahoney, Tesstkitchen

Willow Hyatt Biderman, Joan Biderman, Adam Biderman
Company Burger, Email: [email protected]; Phone: (504) 309-9422, (504) 267-0320

Zak Parsons, Four Finger Press