White House 🏛️ is Attacking Our Bill! Contact Gov. Edwards Today!

By Benjamin Clapper

The Legislative Session ended Monday, and, among other successes, the Legislature has sent our two flagship bills to the Governor’s desk!

SB 342, the Reaffirmation of the Human Life Protection Act, and SB 388, the Mail-Order Abortion Prohibition Act both passed without exceptions for abortions in cases of rape and incest!

But earlier this week, the White House issued a statement against SB 342, attacking the bill as an assault on the “fundamental freedoms of Americans.” But we know President Biden is wrong. Abortion is not a fundamental freedom. It kills precious unborn children, denying them the fundamental right to life.

Without question, Governor Edwards is under pressure to veto SB 342.

But from being at the Capitol, I know the voice of the pro-life movement in Louisiana is strong. THANKS to your voice and our advocacy, we passed these bills and stopped exceptions that would have led to more abortions.

Now, I need you to contact Governor Edwards and urge him to sign SB 342 and SB 388 into law.

Email Gov. Edwards

Call Gov. Edwards’ Office:


With the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade only weeks (or even days) away, let’s finish this legislative session strong and get ready for an abortion-free Louisiana!