Why a “Center for Medical Ethics”?

Since its inception, the Louisiana Right to Life Federation has been equally concerned with protecting the elderly, the ill, and people with disabilities from the denial of lifesaving medical treatment. The Center for Medical Ethics promotes the basic principles that have always been upheld by health care professionals and families: that the true purpose of medicine is to restore and maintain health, prolong life, and alleviate individuals from pain.

In particular, Louisiana Right to Life works proactively through education and legislation by:

  1. Promoting safeguards against legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide
  2. Identifying the unethical and unnecessary withdrawal of life sustaining treatment
  3. Speaking out against medical discrimination against the elderly and individuals with disabilities
  4. Working against health Care reform that unnecessarily rations medical treatment
  5. Helping individuals and families protect themselves with advanced directives that promote the dignity of life at all stages