New Orleans Poster and Video Contest Info


This contest gives students the opportunity to express this truth through art and media, to utilize and share their unique creativity and perspective, and to expand their knowledge of life issues!

Submit a Poster or Video, and Tell the World that Life is Good!

Guidelines and Rules for 2015
Open to students in grades 5-12

School Contest: October 1st-31st

Download Contest Rules here

Download STUDENT application form here

For Fliers, Contact the New Orleans Right to Life Office (see below)


Schoolwide 1st Place: advancement to the Citywide Contest, and recognition of the school’s choosing.

Citywide 1st Place: $100

Citywide 2nd Place: $50

Winning Projects will also be Publicized.

Students may choose from the following topics for a project theme.  If a student wishes to use another theme they may contact NORTL for approval.  Schools may simplify these themes to make them age-appropriate.

  • Life is Priceless
  • Fetal Development
  • Human Equality, Dignity, and Value
  • The Impact of Abortion on Women
  • Adoption
  • Euthanasia
  • If Abortion Isn’t Wrong, Nothing Is
  • Other topics available in handbook
Schools: Please complete the student application and return to Project Coordinator, Shanon Snyder, at the address listed below two weeks before the start of the school wide contest.

Schools must have at least 3 entries to hold a contest.

Homeschoolers, and students at non participating schools are welcome. Please contact Shanon Snyder at for more information.

Contact Regional Coordinator Shanon Snyder with any questions.
504-835-6520, | 7121 Catina Street, New Orleans, LA 70124