40 Days for Life is Winding Down, but Keep Praying

Prayer vigil in Shreveport

Great report from Baton Rouge

Northlake Christian School students participated twice in New Orleans.

40 Days for Life Louisiana will end Sunday, but the need for prayer for the women going into our three abortion facilities each week does not end with the campaign.

Worldwide, nearly 400 babies have been saved during the fall campaign, and in Louisiana, women have chosen to walk away from abortion after speaking with prayer warriors and sidewalk counselors during the 40 Days for Life campaign.

As the campaign ends, keep up to date by doing the following:

  • Continue going to the abortion facilities for sidewalk prayers
  • Follow activities in the Shreveport area on Facebook (40 Days/Sidewalk Advocates for Life Shreveport-Bossier)
  • Follow activities in the Baton Rouge area on Facebook (40Days for Life Baton Rouge)
  • Follow Louisiana Right to Life’s Facebook page (@LaRighttoLife)
  • Find contact information for sidewalk counselors and 40 days coordinators in Louisiana on our website, www.