40 Days for Life Provides Hope for Moms in Need

Prayer warriors meet at sunrise in front of Planned Parenthood in New Orleans to kick of the 40 Days for Life campaign.
40 Days Warriors: One Day, One Mom Will Need You
Encouragement Offered as
40 Days for Life Begins
“Be a light of hope. Be a voice that moms need to hear.”
That’s the message Jami-Lynn Bailey of Lake Providence delivered last week to sidewalk advocates preparing for the fall 40 Days of Life campaign in Shreveport.
Jami-Lynn knows one voice can make a difference, and she wanted to make sure 40 Days for Life prayer warriors understood that, too. Her testimony, delivered at the Shreveport campaign’s kickoff rally, set the tone for the fall 40 Days for Life Campaign, which began last Wednesday.
Already, Shreveport campaign chairman Chris Davis and New Orleans campaign chairman Shanon Snyder have reported one save each!
Campaigns are taking place in Shreveport, Baton Rouge and New Orleans through Nov. 5. Churches and other groups have signed up for prayer times at each of these campaign locations, and more vigil times are available.

Here is Jami-Lynn’s testimony, which is certain to encourage all of us as we stand for mothers and their babies:

“This year, on January 25th, my husband and I received news that our first child I was carrying had a diagnosis not compatible with life. I remember the wind being knocked out of me, fearful that what I just heard wasn’t a dream. After a few moments of silence I got myself together, realizing this really was happening. A doctor I had never met came into my room and put thoughts in my head, as a Christian and pro-life supporter, that I thought I would have never even entertained. It’s amazing when fear hits you, no matter how strong you think you are, how you can second guess everything you thought you ever stood for.
“Instead of being quick to tell me my life wasn’t in danger and I could carry this baby to term, this doctor told me I needed to make a decision quickly because she didn’t know what would happen in the medical world since the induction of our new president had just happened. I walked out stunned, hopeless, and scared. I left there terrified because I was under the impression I may need to end my child’s life or induce as soon as that next week.
“The very next day I was able to see another doctor. Something so simple but so powerful he said to me was, ‘This may be the only time you ever have with your daughter; enjoy her while you can.’ No fancy speech or magical words. One sentence was all I needed to hear. The fear was still there, but the hope was back. It was safe for me to carry with this diagnosis, so I needed to embrace each moment while I still had her.
“So from that moment, each week on Tuesday was a celebration of life. We had cupcakes and candles, took her to the beach, bowling and baseballs games. I have those memories with her to thank Dr. Floyd for. He didn’t butter me up and tell me my daughter was going to be a miracle, but I knew she already was. The fact that she was even created in my womb was a pure miracle.
“Friends, out of my entire journey, I tell you this part of my story because not all these moms you may meet on the sidewalk really want to end their child’s life. There’s a chance they have just been hit with a hard diagnosis, and the wrong doctor delivered the news. They may have just walked out of an appointment with no one extending to them a message of hope, and because no one told them otherwise, you’re meeting them on the sidewalk.
“I want to encourage you tonight to continue being that light of hope. Be the voice that moms need to hear. Continue to cover yourself in prayer and trust that the Lord will put you in front of the right person, at the right time, with the perfect words to say.  
“As you heard from my story, it doesn’t take a planned and perfected speech to re-open someone’s mind. Don’t give up hope if you don’t feel you ended your day with a victory.  
“One mom, on one very particular day, is going to need you just like I needed Dr. Floyd. Continue being hope givers, Advocates. May the Lord bless you for all you do for His children.”
– Jami-Lynn Bailey