in Louisiana in 2021.
Let's save these babies and help their mothers.
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Post-Roe News
Post-Roe Facts
Roe is Gone!
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Post-Roe News
Post-Roe Facts
Roe is Gone!
Our Impact
Since 1970, we have made Louisiana one of the most pro-life states in the nation. Whether in classrooms, in the halls of the Legislature, or anywhere else in Louisiana, we strive to advance a culture of life.
Pro-Life Laws Passed Since 2006
Of Louisianians Are Pro-Life
Most Pro-Life State
Protect Pro-Life Policies!
Email President Biden and Your Representatives and ask them to protect pro-life policies!
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Upcoming Events
Chers Bébés: Acadiana’s Soirée for Life
Oct 27, 2022
2023 New Orleans Proudly Pro-Life Gala
Jan 14, 2023
Louisiana Life March Northeast
Jan 15, 2023
Louisiana Life March South
Jan 21, 2023
Louisiana Life March Northwest
Jan 21, 2023
Youth Initiative
Students, be a part of the PULSE pro-life generation in Louisiana! Check out PULSE trainings, weekends, institute, and more!
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Spread the “preaux life” message by purchasing Louisiana Right to Life’s custom shirts, stickers, magnets, and more!
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