“Abortion-Until-Birth” Amendment Defeated in Committee

This morning House Bill (HB) 245 by Rep. Aimee Adatto Freeman was defeated in the House Civil Law and Procedure Committee. This dangerous pro-abortion constitutional amendment that would have legalized abortion up until birth in Louisiana and require tax-dollars to fund abortion.

There were quite a few amazing pro-life witnesses who testified against this dangerous legislation this morning.

Jennifer Maggio, CEO of The Life of a Single Mom, shared with the committee “In 1996, I sat alone in a government-issued apartment, huddled on the bathroom floor suicidal. I was a few weeks pregnant and was overwhelmed with the thought of how I could raise another child alone.” She continued, “I made a call… to an abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi. Praise God I never went through with it. Today, the two children I raised as a teenager are now grown, college-educated professionals with families of their own.” Maggio, through her organization, has served over one million single mothers since the organization’s founding. She continued, “I could have never founded this organization or served that number of mothers had I not once been a young, single mom contemplating what to do, but ultimately choosing life.”

Sean Corcoran of Lake Charles also testified against this bill, sharing that, decades ago, his life was forever changed when his then-girlfriend had an abortion without his knowledge. This led to Sean spiraling into years of drug and alcohol addiction after finding out as he tried to cope with the pain of lost fatherhood. Later, Sean was connected with professional help and healing. Sean has now dedicated his life to giving a voice for fathers who have no say in the lives of their children. His child would now be 27 years old.

Similarly, a young man named Hopkins Inzina, who is only 9-years old, bravely testified before the committee against the bill. “My mom could have been aborted, but was not. I am glad she was not, because she is the best mom. If she was [aborted], none of my brothers or sisters would be here, including me,” Inzina said. You see, Mrs. Inzina, Hopkins’ mother, was adopted. Hopkins is alive today because of his birth grandmother’s courageous decision to make an adoption plan for her baby! Take a look at his amazing testimony:


Dr. Kim Hardy, a recently retired OB-GYN from Lafayette also testified against HB 245, saying “I have delivered almost 7,000 babies in my career and ironically at one time was pro-choice… Even the people in the toughest cases can continue their pregnancy and have a baby.” He continued, “Abortion degrades women.”

State Representative John Wyble shared toward the end of the testimonies that he received 719 emails against the amendment. He said he did not receive a single email in support of it.

We still have a number of important pieces of legislation that we are supporting and a few more pro-abortion bills that we are working to defeat. Here’s a short review of our priorities this legislative session:

Legislation we are supporting:

  • SB 276: Abortion By Fraud Criminalization Act by Sen. Thomas Pressly
    • Creates the crime of coerced criminal abortion by means of fraud to prohibit a third-party from knowingly using an abortion-inducing drug to cause, or attempt to cause, an abortion on an unsuspecting pregnant mother without her knowledge or consent and amends various abortion criminal laws to add the crime of attempted abortion.
  • SB 312: Adoption Awareness Act by Sen. Rick Edmonds
    • Creates a new program that promotes to Louisiana citizens the benefits of choosing infant adoption for birth-mothers, babies, and adoptive parents.
  • SB 278: Louisiana Pregnancy and Baby Care Initiative Act by Sen. Katrina Jackson and Rep. Jack McFarland
    • Establishes a new social services program to support women facing unplanned pregnancies and to offer a full range of services, including pregnancy support services, parenting help, and adoption assistance.
  • SB 325: Compatible with Love Empowerment Act by Sen. Rick Edmonds
    • Updates existing law to ensure that those individuals facing the tragic news that their unborn child has a fetal genetic anomaly receive information that can assist them in caring for their child both before and after birth.

Main legislation we are opposing (in addition to HB 245):

  • HB 164: Legalizing Abortion in Cases of Rape and Incest Without Police Report Act by Rep. Delisha Boyd
    • Louisiana Right to Life believes that every person deserves the equal chance at life and that every mother should be helped. This bill legalizes abortion in cases of rape and incest. If passed, HB 164 would not require any police report or other evidence that the rape took place.

You can learn more about the session at