Adoption Documentary Headed to L.A. Film Festival

The I Lived on Parker Avenue documentary film has had successful screenings recently and has been shown in numerous high schools across the Gulf South. Another public pre-release screening is planned in Lake Charles on Nov. 30 (click here for information), then the New Orleans-based film, which highlights the beauty of adoption, is headed to the West Coast.
I Lived on Parker Avenue has been selected to screen on Dec. 2 in the Docuslate Film Festival, presented by Newfilmmakers Los Angeles, CA. The film is one of 18 documentary films accepted into the Los Angeles festival after thousands of entries were submitted.
David Scotton speaking at De La Salle High School.

I Lived on Parker Avenue is an 

inspiring new short documentary that follows the dramatic cross-country reunion between then Louisiana college student David Scotton and his Indiana-based birth-parents Melissa and Brian, who hadn’t seen him since the day he was born. The film explores the life stories of David, Melissa, Brian and David’s parents, Susan and Jimmy.
The film is scheduled to be released in March, and its trailer has been viewed more than 344,000 times online at .
Until its March 8 online release, the production team continues to host pre-release screenings of the short documentary, complete with Q&A sessions hosted by Scotton, Executive Producer Benjamin Clapper and Director Philip Braun III.
The Docuslate Film Festival will be the first time the documentary has been shown in that setting.
“I cannot wait for my story as told by
I Lived on Parker Avenue to be shared in Los Angeles,” said Scotton. “My family and I are so thankful for the gift of adoption, and it is our hope that viewers across the nation will be inspired by I Lived on Parker Avenue’s powerful message.”
A crowd turned out for a recent public pre-screening event in New Orleans.