Baton Rouge Life March Draws Hundreds Despite Weather

Hundreds of Louisianans united for LIFE this January in Baton Rouge at St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Many even individually braved the weather and marched for life to our state’s Capitol building, proving again that Louisiana is proud to stand in support for our moms, dads, and babies.

The program featured many inspiring and motivating speakers, including Dustin Bertrand of God Made Self Driven Ministries, Bishop Michael Duca of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, State Rep. Rick Edmonds, Dale Hoffapuir of Louisiana Family Forum, and Tara and Pastor Mike Wicker of Louisiana Black Advocates for Life.

This year, Louisiana Right to Life chose the theme for our marches to be “Everyone Deserves a Birthday,” noting the importance of every human life and the worth of each and every one of us. No matter the circumstances of our conception, every individual deserves LIFE!

Dustin was conceived through the tragedy of rape, and his mother generously chose life for him. Dustin compellingly and beautifully shared his pro-life story and journey, saying, “I know that everyone in here is on the right side of this fight. We’re on the side of LOVE.”