Abortion Facility Orders Billboard Be Taken Down

SHREVEPORT – Louisiana Right to Life recently leased a billboard on the property of Hope Medical Group for Women on Kings Highway in Shreveport in order to send a positive, life-affirming message to those entering the abortion facility or passing by.

The billboard offered the simple message of “Every Life is a Gift” on a pink background and did not include any reference to Louisiana Right to Life or abortion. But because the billboard was on the abortion facility’s property, the property owner had the right of refusal. And apparently, the facility owners did not like the message the billboard contained, as the it was up only three hours Monday morning before they ordered it be taken down.

Kandace Landreneau, College Director for Louisiana Right to Life, filmed the removal of the sign on her Facebook account in a live video linked here.

“This billboard was a simple, affirming and positive message,” Landreneau said. ” It’s very telling that this abortion facility does not want this positive message on its property.”

Hope Medical Group for Women is one of three abortion facilities in Louisiana. In 2018, of the 8,097 abortions in Louisiana, 3,432 abortions were performed at that facility.