Black Advocates for Life Students Go to Baton Rouge Pulse

The 2023 Baton Rouge PULSE Immersion Retreat was held on Saturday, March 18th at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Hall. Throughout the day, 8 students and 1 student leader took a deep dive into pro-life persuasion, learning how to have compassionate and effective conversations and address common questions.

They heard about the loving option of adoption and the differences between infant adoption and foster care from Adoption Director, Sarah Zagorski.

Then the students rounded out their day with the powerful and touching testimony of Tara and Mike Wicker, co-directors of LA Black Advocates for Life, who spoke about their experince with abortion. In between sessions and guest speakers, students had a blast getting to know each other, playing games, and discussing how they can promote a culture of life in their communities as teens and young adults.

At closing ceremony, students testified about where their activism is taking them next. Youth Director Trinity shared how she is passionate about reaching women in the African American community with the beauty and truth of the pro-life movement.

One student shared how she is compelled to support people in the foster care system arouund our area. Another young man expressed how his eyes had been opened to the violence of abortion and how important it is that he plays a role in creating a life-affirming culture. The students left educated in pro-life apologetics and empowered to be strong pro-life leaders.